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Know the Flow

FlowVis™ is a revolutionary, affordable, and highly accurate Flow Meter that guarantees you will Know the Flow.

Ingenious in concept, FlowVis™ has undergone exhaustive testing and calibration to ensure long life, accuracy, and repeatability. No other Flow Meter at this price point comes remotely close to its +/- 2% accuracy.

FlowVis™ is more than a Flow Meter; it is also a fully functioning Check Valve. As flow increases and decreases, the Check Valve's flapper swings within its range of motion. A specifically designed calibration spring, indicating arm, and an extended height valve body lid, constitute the fundamentals of the FlowVis™ design concept.

Saving energy using variable speed pumps is only possible if you know the flow. Setting the pump's speed without an accurate measurement of flow is akin to driving a car without a speedometer. Too high uses more power than necessary and too low results in a dirty pool.

* Accuracy: +/- 8 LPM from 0 to 400 LPM


FlowVis™ is available in two configurations:

1. A retrofit kit that installs to a pre-existing Jandy or Praher 50mm x 63mm Check Valve assembly

2. A complete pre-assembled Check Valve assembly with FlowVis™

Unlike other Flow Meters, the position in which FlowVis™ is installed (horizontal, vertical or relative to elbows and tees), has virtually zero effect on its accuracy.

Save Dollars, Save Energy

• FlowVis™ provides a precise, easy-to-read fl ow rate
• Maximize energy savings by slowing the pump to its lowest required speed for pool sanitation
• Allows precise and repeatable valve positioning for perfect water feature operation


• No plumbing restrictions for precise fl ow measurement. Can be installed next to elbows, tees, etc. with little or no degradation in performance.
• Can be installed in any position
• Two options - 1) retrofi t kit for existing Jandy or Praher 50mm x 63mm Check Valve* or 2) a complete valve assembly with FlowVis™.
• Consumes less plumbing space than individual Check Valve and Flow Meter combination

Pipe Size, Flow Range, and Model Options

Retrofi t kit for
existing Jandy or Praher Valve
Retrofi t kit for
existing Jandy or
Praher Valve
Complete FlowVis™ including Valve Body Complete FlowVis™ including Valve Body Pipe Size Model
X       50mm by 63mm FVJ-R
  X     40mm FVJ-R-15
    X   50mm by 63mm FV-C
      X 40mm FV-C-15

NOTE: When used on 40mm piping, installer will be required to provide and fit quantity two, 50mm to 40mm reducing bushings.
What makes FlowVis™ different?

Pool installers, owners, and operators finally have a Flow Meter that they can rely on. Accuracy, reliability, and longevity are key among a list of unique features that include:

• Combined functionality of Flow Meter and Check Valve

• Accuracy of +/- 2%

• NSF 50 pending

• Installation flexibility - far less space required than other Flow Meters. No requirement for 10x
clear pipe diameter before and 5x after. Install horizontal, vertical, or even upside down.

• Clear, easy to read scale in GPM with key velocity points (FPS)

• Installs in minutes

• No calibration required

• Unique design results in maintained accuracy even with entrained air caused by suction leaks

• Manufactured in the USA

• 5-year breakage warranty

• Pressure tested to >50psi

• Design life of 15 years with spring replacement every 7.5 years

• Less than 1 psi pressure drop across FlowVis™

• Consumes less than 0.2% additional motor power over having no check valve, e.g., 3 watts on a 2 HP pump.

• Can be used on 80mm pipe if flow rate is 400 LPM or less



Built to Last

FlowVis™ is built to last. It's robust, yet unobtrusive design means that unlike competing Flow Meters, FlowVis™ won't get kicked, tripped over, or broken. In fact, we're so confident in the durability of FlowVis™ that the product has a 5-year warranty on breakage!

Unlike Pitot tube / Rotameter style devices, FlowVis™ will not stick, bounce, or provide inaccurate readings of flow. There are no saddle clamps to corrode, flat rubber seals to deteriorate, or small holes to become blocked.


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